[Jobs] Washington seminar/resolution idea

Rob captinlogic at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 18:39:54 UTC 2018

Ericka Writes:

> Karen that is an interestimg idea. Someone should do more research.  Some states do have independence accounts or something to that effect where they can safely put money away for technology etc. this account is not considered assets by Social Security so it will not affect anything, I believe not even food assistance and other low income benefits. 

It's called an Able account. You can put up to one hundred thousand dollars in an able account (at least in most states) and it won't affect your benefits. You can even use the account for investments and such.

Ericka further writes:
Most places in the Madison WI area are not on Transit. We are blessed to have Uber and Lyft, but that can add up when you’re going 30 miles to a job in back. This may be surprising to people, but most of the state of Wisconsin does not have paratransit, Lyft or Uber as options. Most of the time can’t even get from one county to another because there just isn’t any transit. Grayhound type transit links central and southeastern WI. Rest of the state isn’t served. Not even the state colleges have access to private or local transit. Some cab companies won’t even go from county to county. And then there’s Paratransit which barely exists. 

That sounds very similar to Minnesota. Lyf, Uber and such are available in the twin cities area, and last I heard, it was starting to be available in the Duluth area. However these are not very cheap when you use them to commute for jobs and such, especially if the distance is something over ten miles or so.
Paratransit does exist up here, but it is lousy. The service has had numerous complaints about its reliability and lack of customer service. Also, in some of he smaller towns, it's only available for a few hours on certain days of the week, and not at all on weekends. And they won't work with you if you have a disability very well. Like, me, I'm deaf, so I couldn't hear the bus come from inside my house, so I have to stand around in 90 degree heat or sub zero cold until it arrives, usually late. They won't call you on the phone or even walk ten feet to ring your bell to let you know they are there. It is not an ideal system at all, but unfortunately, I can't really afford to live anywhere else right now. La sigh.

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