[Jobs] Washington seminar/resolution idea

Ericka dotwriter1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 18:43:11 UTC 2018

Interesting concept but the way our current political system is I don’t think it’s realistic. I thought they were already giving it free to people who were searching for or had jobs. Am I wrong? I am aware of the airports having free access if you are a subscriber. I don’t know if companies, be our offices or which are paying for a low minutes service for their clients/employees and then they are using the free minutes to do their tasks. Can someone explain this? I can’t see using this service for anything but job related tasks and reading handwriting. Perhaps when the computer won’t work with any other screen reader or to solve a computer issue when it won’t speak. Job applications online do not seem to be user-friendly with any speech software!

Ericka Short
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