[Jobs] Washington seminar/resolution idea

Albert Rizzi Albert at Myblindspot.org
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I believe they actually launched at the CSUN in 2016, so 2015 sounds about right.

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One correction – and one clarification.  First, Ira is more than a year old. I think they started in 2015, but could be off a little.

Secondly, Aira job-hunting-related tasks are free, but you must already be an Aira subscriber.  You just can’t call up, out of the blue, and say you have a job-hunting-related task…


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Thank you Ericca for pointing out the parts about the training center!

As to the AIRA for job hunting – I’ve spoken with both an agent and a sales manager, who said it was indeed free for job-hunting purposes. He was also very careful to point out every time we spoke at the convention he was demoing at that AIRA does *NOT* replace blindness techniques such as cane travel or dog guide use.

Please also keep in mind this company is still very young, being less than a year old. The costs will eventually come down, we just have to wait for it.

Andrew Harmon

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I totally agree with you Julie. All accounts. I graduated from the training center and there is no way a sighted person can replace travel skills or cooking skills. Besides we have be my eyes for finding out what color pile or socks go into when we’re doing laundry. And I mean this for totally blind and partials. We shouldn’t be replacing solid skills that work when technology doesn’t because when technology doesn’t work like it’s a lot more complicated. If you had the skill like braille you wouldn’t have to worry about your phone die because you have the real grocery list with you.
Ericka Short

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