[Jobs] Back from Vacation, and am now seriously looking

Dave dlh007 at centurylink.net
Wed Aug 15 15:28:01 UTC 2018


OK, am back from taking a Family Vacation, and now I need a Vacation to recover from my Family Vacation!    funny how that works.

Anyway, the last few days, have been spent looking On Line for Employment, and am running into things that create questions, but where to ask those questions is my first dilemma.  

Just before I left to go on Vacation, I had thought this NFB Jobs list was to do with helping other Blind people find Jobs.    this sometimes requires questions to be asked, and this often leads to discussions.  The last I saw, was that this list was not Happy with Discussions due to Employers hanging out on this same list.  

If this list is only for posting Job Possibilities, then I need to know this, so I do not clutter it up with my questions, and possible discussions.  

As I do my Searches, I am running into a number of questions, some which I have had since I first suffered losing my sight, and started asking questions back then.  Frankly, I dislike the typical Answer that I can do anything I wish to do.  This is just not true, and so I would like to hear other answers that are much more realistic.  

And Yes, I do know we shouldn’t limit ourselves, but I doubt if Delta Airlines is going to hire me as an Airline Pilot, which once was my Goal before losing my sight, and was learning to fly.  

As mentioned before, I am more interested in the amount I will earn, rather than what the job I end up doing will be.   And I had mentioned  that for now, I am avoiding any employment where I am asked to speak with the General Public.  Even though I have a long employment record of providing Software Tech Support, I am so Burned out on dealing with the General Public.  this may change in time, but not any time soon.  

this means I am looking at Entry Level positions, and starting over doing something very different.  

My questions have to do with how to get around the need to read a Blueprint, or to read printed instructions, or how to fill out the required spaces on Paperwork that is passed down the line to the next person who works on the same project.  

Some of this kind of Documentation is on Paper, and there is Hand writing of information at times.  Other times there is the same thing, but Computers are used to fill in the required bits of info.  

this is where knowing if JAWS will read the Company Software they use to track product assembly would be great.  
And this is where , at least for me, the art of landing a job, gets a bit tricky.  I could probably obtain the name of the tracking software used, and then ask if JAWS will read this Software.  And the answer to that question will be Yes, No, and maybe partly.  And perhaps the Employer doesn’t want to put a Screen Reader on the System, because to them, doing so is just another possible thing that can go wrong, either for me, the new Blind Employee, or it may cause a problem for everyone using the System.   Employers like it when everything goes very smooth.  they dislike Headaches, or even the possibility of a Headache.  

Or should I look for jobs that requires Zero Reading or Writing?  

Would be interested in some Real World solutions, or Work Arounds, or Advice from those who have been there and figured out a way around these kinds of issues.  

In my previous jobs, I took verbal instructions, and sometimes filled out Reports using the Computer.    Sometimes instructions were done by sending me Email.  

When looking at Job Requirements, often they list the need for reading blueprints, printed instructions, and more.   However, often, once the job is learned, the need for reading a Blueprint is much less, and any changes that might come, are easily verbally spoken.  So, there are simple real world alternative methods of obtaining the new info needed to correctly do the tasks given  

The requirements read in the description of a possible job, are not always absolute requirements, but more of a employer’s desire.  

Now you have an idea of my current questions, and so I wait to hear back, to see if this list allows such conversations.

Thanks for any reply,

Grumpy Dave

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