[Jobs] Back from Vacation, and am now seriously looking

Karen Rose rosekm at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 15 16:32:28 UTC 2018

Regarding the drivers license requirement when driving is not an essential functions – why not just put in your state ID number? Regarding Dave’s comments about blueprints – what kind of field are you entering? Is this something connected with architecture or construction or engineering? Regarding starting over at the beginning of a career field, this is not necessary. You are bringing with you all of the skills and experience you have from previous areas of work. It is more a question of how to transfer these skills. Karen

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> Dave,
> I understand your frustration since I have dealt with many job issues after
> suddenly losing my eyesight during 2001 when I was thirty-one years old.  I
> have learned to be a very good J.A.W.S. user, but the other issues that come
> up while I have been employed have been frustrating.  I have done my best to
> under promise and over deliver for employers and I think I have done exactly
> that.  But, I am still searching for that best position for myself.  I
> refuse to work the most simple positions since they can be as difficult as a
> more challenging position.  The positions I am interested in require me to
> have a drivers licence and I have no idea why!  The positions do not require
> me to drive and I am frustrated.  I didn't answer your questions, but I
> wanted to let you know that you are not alone with your Grumpyness!  We will
> figure out what the answer is for us, I just hope we don't run out of time
> since we are getting older by the day!  I hope you keep on keeping on since
> I am confident you will figure out what is best for you.
> Steve
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> Hello,
> OK, am back from taking a Family Vacation, and now I need a Vacation to
> recover from my Family Vacation!    funny how that works.
> Anyway, the last few days, have been spent looking On Line for Employment,
> and am running into things that create questions, but where to ask those
> questions is my first dilemma.  
> Just before I left to go on Vacation, I had thought this NFB Jobs list was
> to do with helping other Blind people find Jobs.    this sometimes requires
> questions to be asked, and this often leads to discussions.  The last I saw,
> was that this list was not Happy with Discussions due to Employers hanging
> out on this same list.  

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