[Jobs] Back from Vacation, and am now seriously looking

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With all respect there are things out there, nutritional supplements and
such, that make up for what you've lost in the cognitive area...and maybe
you just need to be challenged beyond what you think you can do to get back.
It is amazing what some tough and stressful mental work can do to improve
all of those areas.

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Hello Steve,

<Smile>  yes, I agree, both of us will find something.  Financially, I
require something Good to happen, otherwise my Wife will Shoot me for being
a Dead Beat.  

Yes, the getting older thing is another factor in landing my Future Perfect
Job.  I am now in my early 60's and my Brain doesn't have the same ability
to instantly recall some bit of info, and I find memorizing stuff is just a
bit more difficult these days too.  

As for taking a less than a Respectful job-  Hey, I do understand, as I
would much rather tell others I am the world's first  Totally Blind Brain
Surgeon instead of telling someone that I put the Tab on Part A
into the Slot in Part B.    But, at this point, if they paid me $30 an
hour to do the inserting of the Tab into the Slot, I would do it.  

titles are fun, but what good is a Title if I am only bringing in $9 an

As Karen said in one of her previous posts, many of us have Bills to pay and
Food  to buy.  And I do enjoy a good roof over my head.  

I may have shared this once before, if I have I apologize ahead of time.  
Steve, you mentioned everything you would like to apply for requires a
Drivers License.  

A few years back, the Boss was needing to make Cuts, and I was one of Four
people to get temporarily let go.  I walked into my local State Employment
Office and signed up for Unemployment and started the process of looking for

They had this one guy, that was to do nothing but help those with a
disability, find a job.  

I made the appointment, and he even came to my home to interview me, to find
out what I might be able to offer a future employer.  

He and I got along great.  Had some good dialog, and even a few laughs.  

He starts sending me Job notices to my Home Email.

One of the first ones he sent was right up my Alley.  I would have Loved to
get this job.  It indeed had my name all over it.  Only one problem It too
required that I have an up to date Drivers License.  

Like I said, I would have loved to get this job, however, it did require

the Job would have been for me to sit behind the Wheel of one of those Test
Cars they are attempting to bring on the Market that Drive themselves.  My
job would have been to do what it took to avoid a
serious problem if the software didn't work as it should.   I was to
write up the glitches and keep the car between the lines.  

Too bad the job required sight and that pesky Drivers license.

I could have been a Crash Test dummy!

I was greatly humored that this guy, the one who was the Specialist in
placing those with Disabilities, would send me such a job notice.  Guess he
forgot I was Blind?  As far as I know, he never did place anyone.
Turns out he was getting paid by some Government Grant, and when the
Grant ran out, his job also ended.   

Good Luck with your own Hunt for a new Job.

Grumpy Dave

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