[Jobs] Is there a Penalty when you Retire?

Dave dlh007 at centurylink.net
Thu Aug 23 19:48:08 UTC 2018


This question is for those of you receiving Social Security Disability,
or if you are an Expert in the methods and Practises of the Social
Security Agency.  

Some of you worked actual jobs, at least long enough to build up enough
credit to be able to apply and receive Social Security Disability

Do you know if receiving these SSD payments if it will affect the amount
of Social Security Retirement payments when you actually Retire?  

The Retirement payment is calculated by some formula run against the
income you earned as a employee, or Business owner.  However, if you once
made $3500 a month, then could not find further work, and you end up on
SSD, and now you get $1400 each month as a Disability payment, does
Social Security now look at that $1400 each month as income?  And if
they do, the $1400 each month is way less than the $3500, and so will it
change what you may receive each month when you retire?

Applying for and receiving SSD could be detrimental to the amount you
eventually receive once you retire.  

<Slight laugh>  I was reading some Social Security info yesterday, and
was stunned to see the typical amount people receive as a Retirement
benefit was only around $1100 per month.  

I am not sure how people are living on such a small amount.  

So, thought I would ask a question or two.

Grumpy Dave

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