[Jobs] Is there a Penalty when you Retire?

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For some, subsidized housing is an option depending upon one's income.
There are also still some programs that help with food.  Even with that, it
is difficult and getting harder for everyone who depends upon SSDI or Social
Security Retirement.  I remember somebody I know telling me how they got a
notice their Social Security check would not increase for the next year
because there was no cost of living increase.  However, almost at the same
time, they received a notice that Medicare was increasing.  Apparently
medical costs are not a significant enough cost of living to count.  

For people who have paid in a good bit, Social Security retirement and
Social Security Disability can be a marginally comfortable income.  However,
I have seen payments as small as $600 per month, and in that case, finding
other income or subsidies is a must.  This is true for sighted people as
well as those of us who are blind.

Best regards,

Teve Jacobson

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Hello Ericka,

Yikes!  Ericka, how to you do it?  

A Studio apartment where I live, runs around $1000 or more depending upon
the location.  

then Food and Utilities would be on top of the Rent.  

If you choose to respond, best reply directly to my Email, rather than the
list.  Someone will threaten to Unsubscribe  because we have started talking
about Surviving, rather than Jobs.  

Grumpy Dave

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