[Jobs] Any Social Security experts?

Dave dlh007 at centurylink.net
Mon Aug 27 13:45:30 UTC 2018

OK, am still looking for work, but have come up with another question.  

Those who are Blind receive some extra SSD benefits just for being blind.  

Now what happens if there is no SSD, but have the regular SS retirement
payment for retiring at age 62?

If the normal person retires at age 65, they will receive their
SS retirement payment each month, but they can also continue to work,
and as far as I know, there is no limit upon how much that person can

However, if someone retires early, say at age 62, these people have a
limit upon what they can earn.  And if they earn more than the limit,
they end up paying some of the Social Security payment back.  

Here is my question-
Since sometimes we get an extra benefit for being Blind, does anyone
know if the restrictions of the amount a person can earn if they retire
at age 62, is the same as it is for everyone else, or do we folks who
are Blind get a Pass on those restrictions?

There is work out here, just not much of it pays enough to live on by
itself.  However, combined with retirement, life could continue without
getting caught up in Subsidized housing, Food Stamps and Energy

Thanks for any responses,

Grumpy Dave

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