[Jobs] Two questions

Michael Peterson itsmike2011 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 14:46:52 UTC 2018

I just submitted my resume to a free evaluation by a company called top

The lady wrote back my resume is a doer resume rather than an achiever

She wants things like I placed 75 clients in two years which I didn't

My longest job was in BEP and many of the other jobs in my history were
prior to 1989. So it's hard to come up with accurate numbers to make me look
like an achiever. She says I am under selling myself.

I wonder if the resume writer this list recently advertised can rework it
for me.  It might be much less expensive if she can. I'll look up that email
but if someone has it please resend.


My second problem I had three good references when I got my last job. One I
can't reach and two others I think also have retired. It looks like the
office I worked at has undergone change as the companies where I did
internships so if an employer tries to find and make contact good luck.

The agencies are open but they probably won't find the people who know me
and my work.


My BEP experience I was the owner operator. 

Any ideas?





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