[Jobs] tips for an individual conducting an interview.

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It seems to me that any question you might ask wouldn’t necessarily have any bearing on how they were currently dressed.

All our interviews are done by at least three people, so there is always a sighted person I can ask, or I could also ask the receptionist after words.


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The dress code is discussed in the company manual, but individuals typically don’t have access to that until they have been offered and excepted a position.

Tomorrow is just the first round and I hadn’t planned on getting into anything regarding specific policies at the earliest until interview number two.
 Perhaps this has been an oversight, again this is my maiden voyage. Some years ago I was a licensed vendor through the Randolph Sheppard program and had employees but dress was less of a concern, so I never thought about it in terms of interview questions.

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Would it not work well to just confirm with the new hire what the company dress code is?

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Greetings friends and colleagues.
I come to you with a question about an interview tip, not in the manner you may think though. Tomorrow as part of my new administrative responsibilities for the very first time I will be interviewing cited individuals, and I’m curious to know if there’s any thoughts on questions I might be able to ask that would give me a sense of their level of professional dress. For about five weeks I’ve been painstakingly developing questions that will get at the core of what I need to as far as the job responsibilities, but I am at a bit of a loss with  this aspect. I certainly want my questions to be both professional and legal. Any thoughts?

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