[Jobs] tips for an individual conducting an interview.

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                Jordy. Regarding professional dress I too interviewed and hired several employees             when working in the BEP. Normally sighted people depending on their level of expertise will dress by imitation.


I have noticed more companies lately advising prior to my interview to come business casual or whatever they feel is appropriate and advise during the interview about the job, any benefits, the work shifts and expectations during the initial interview.  They usually ask questions like I read earlier today such as “what kind of impression do you make on people in the first five minutes. Usually the first interview is weeding out the weaker candidates and learning as much as possible about those who might have potential of making the second round.

Sometimes I have seen first interviews as being more like that a recruiter at a job fair might have especially if all candidates come back to the second one.

I agree with another poster who said where dress was concerned they had select employees provide feedback.

You could direct a candidate to discuss prior jobs and ask them what was the dress code or how did they feel comfortable dressing while working in that position.

You could also direct dress a different way by discussing the type of clientele you serve and dressing attire and then ask does this sound like it would be a good fit or comfortable to you as a work setting? Or you could describe different jobs and locations at your company and ask what would you advise as correct dress for this position?

After they described two or three job types you would know more about there understanding of dress appropriate.

I hope this helps.

Mike P.



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Why not gently convey what you expect in terms of professional or business casual attire. Maybe providing examples so they get the idea EG: hair length, no tattoos, pants, shirts. 


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Greetings friends and colleagues.
I come to you with a question about an interview tip, not in the manner you may think though. Tomorrow as part of my new administrative responsibilities for the very first time I will be interviewing cited individuals, and I’m curious to know if there’s any thoughts on questions I might be able to ask that would give me a sense of their level of professional dress. For about five weeks I’ve been painstakingly developing questions that will get at the core of what I need to as far as the job responsibilities, but I am at a bit of a loss with  this aspect. I certainly want my questions to be both professional and legal. Any thoughts?



Jordy D. Stringer

believe you can and you’re halfway there. 



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