[Jobs] Any Social Security experts?

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Erica, please follow your own advice. You can also follow the advice of others and use your delete key if you don’t like my messages. This isn’t your list.  


You’re also conveying your opinion on the effectiveness of Social Security employees and not presenting factual information to support your assertion. 


My initial post on this matter had to do with Social Security questions not being appropriate for a jobs list. Look at what this Social Security subject matter has caused. 


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In most cases Jeremy I would totally agree with you. However you apparently have not dealt with the Social Security administration. It all depends on who you talk to to get the real truth. I Would not suggest calling the 800-number to get this kind of information. Going into your own local Social Security office would give you more accurate information because they would tailor to your situation. However, I have found that this is actually a more accurate place to get information then calling the 800-number.


I’m tired of hearing you rip on people. If you want to ask a question, go ahead. But if you just want to write things that cause issues and have nothing related to the job situation refrain from touching the keyboard.


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