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Thank you for your request.  I'm sure you realize how important of a subject
Social Security is for blind people though.  Social Security Disability
Income facts are the most important facts for blind people to know if they
are thinking about getting back in to the work force.  The Social Security
Administration was good about warning me about the re-instatement process
when I gave up my S.S.D.I. benefits.  But, I was proud and did not think
about the consiquenses I could possibly face if I needed to have my S.S.D.I.
benefits re-instated.  Every discussion has it's positives and negatives.
If people take the positives out of this discussion I think they may be a
little more excited about the idea of getting back to work or working for
the first time for some people in some cases.  The more people know about
the benefits they have, the more likely they may be to take that bold move
of deciding to work.  I think this list is a jobs list and it is a fact that
Social Security Disability Income or S.S.I. is an extremely important jobs
subject for many people who are blind.  Unfortunately I had to learn things
the hard way for my situation, but if someone on this list can do a little
to help someone make the best decision for theirself, I feel like the list
has served its purpose.


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I am asking that everybody stop the discussion of social security, where to
get information, etc. This is getting personal and is inappropriate. 


David Andrews, List Owner




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