[Jobs] tips for an individual conducting an interview.

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What about professional dress is so important that you need to 
craft questions about it? Isn't each candidate's atire worn 
during the interview a sufficient clue?

Call me confused,  Peter

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Greetings friends and colleagues.
I come to you with a question about an interview tip, not in the 
manner you may think though.  Tomorrow as part of my new 
administrative responsibilities for the very first time I will be 
interviewing cited individuals, and I'm curious to know if 
there's any thoughts on questions I might be able to ask that 
would give me a sense of their level of professional dress..  For 
about five weeks I've been painstakingly developing questions 
that will get at the core of what I need to as far as the job 
responsibilities, but I am at a bit of a loss with  this aspect.  
I certainly want my questions to be both professional and legal.  
Any thoughts?

Jordy D.  Stringer
believe you can and you're halfway there.

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