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>Good Day,
>The Social Security Administration has Attorney 
>Advisor positions open in its Eugene, Oregon, 
>Seattle, Washington, and Spokane, Washington, 
>offices.  We kindly request that you please post 
>the job openings (shown below) to your 
>organization’s website and/or forward the 
>description to your members via e-mail.
>If you have any questions, please contact me.
>Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
>Joy Jenkins
>Regional Management Officer
>Office of Hearings Operations ­ Region 10
>•206.615.2242 42 (office)
>Posting for Job Openings
>Agency: Social Security Administration
>Position: Attorney Advisor
>Type of Appointment:  Full-time-Excepted Service 
>(Not to Exceed (NTE)) Four-year (4) appointment, 
>may be extended or made permanent).
>Geographic Region: Pacific Northwest
>Locations: Eugene, Oregon, Spokane, Washington and Seattle, Washington
>Application Deadline: as soon as possible
>Start Date:  Acceptance required by 9/30/18 but 
>new employee can report up until 10/14/18
>Position Description and Duties:
>The position is for an Attorney Advisor for the 
>Social Security Administration Office of 
>Hearings Operations.  The issues largely relate 
>to disability determinations in applications for 
>Social Security Disability Benefits and Supplemental Security Income.
>An Attorney Advisor drafts grammatically and 
>technically correct, persuasive, legally 
>sufficient decisions on behalf of Administrative 
>Law Judges which are supported by the evidence 
>and addresses all medical and legal aspects of 
>the case.  An Attorney Advisor ensures the 
>decisions are appropriate for issuance to 
>claimants and representatives and are consistent 
>with the agency rules and regulations.  An 
>Attorney Advisor reviews and analyzes remanded 
>decisions to ensure Court and/or Agency 
>instructions are followed.  As appropriate, an 
>Attorney Advisor makes recommendations to the 
>Administrative Law Judges to ensure an accurate, 
>legally sufficient decision is issued.
>•       Exceptional legal writing skills, 
>including ggreat attention to detail.
>•       Ability to producee high quality work 
>product within designated time constraints.
>•       Ability to review and analyze voluminoous medical records efficiently.
>Salary range:
>The Attorney Advisor position is subject to the 
>Government General Schedule pay scale.  The 
>Attorney-Advisor position is categorized as a GS 
>9/11/12 position.  Salary will be determined 
>based on experience as adjusted for the 
>locality.  See also: 
>To Apply:
>Submit a cover letter, proof of bar membership 
>and good standing, resume, references, and 
>writing sample of no more than seven (7) pages 
>in length.  In addition, you may be required to 
>take a time writing test.  Please indicate which 
>office(s) you wish to be 
>considered.  Submissions are to be sent to 
>Regional Management Officer Joy Jenkins at 
>Joy.Jenkins at ssa.gov<mailto:Joy.Jenkins at ssa.gov>.  No phone calls, please.
>Conrad Reynoldson, Attorney at Law
>Washington Civil & Disability Advocate
>3513 NE 45th Street, Suite G
>Seattle, WA 98105
>Office (206) 855-3134

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