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I understand Ericka. The high tech companies have a different culture in which they work and therefore as long as it accepted…wat the hey.

I worked at a Hardee’s more than 20 years ago as an interim job and the shoes had to be ordered from their ‘affiliate’ and they cost me $50... but…I wore them on my field supervision job in security. They were quiet and worked well in places where you wanted  to ‘skulk’ around so as not to be heard.

Each company has its own culture and a job applicant needs to try and figure that out, if they can, before the interview. It’s not always easy but we have to try. In Phoenix I rare see anyone but people who never go outside the office in ties and coats. Even managers wear a button down or polo most of the time…without a tie.



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Yes Robert probably the ones that are the most offended would wear those cut off jeans and raggedy T-shirt then wonder why they didn’t get the job even though the resume looks awesome. Like it or not we’re in a visual world. Like it or not there are expectations for adults. I saw people being fired at daycare‘s and the nursing home I worked because they came in that kind of attire. Mark Zuckerberg can get away with whatever he wants because he owns his business and he makes the rules for his employees. They probably could come in their pajamas! But in most of the real world you have to dress like an adult and want to job. When I was working in daycare we had to wear khaki pants or something like that and a nice shirt that didn’t have any symbols on it. We could wear tennis shoes at the other two businesses but even McDonald’s didn’t want you wearing regular tennis shoes when I worked there. It had to be black and very specific to withstand Greece anything else you might encounter.

Ericka Short


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