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Robert Sollars robertsollars2 at gmail.com
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There are several companies out there that will be interview you over the
phone for a position and are reputable companies.
One caveat however...be leery of any company that requires you to purchse
their software to work or wishes access to your computer to 'check on your
There are hundreds of scams like these out there so I would advise you to
contact someone you trust who knows about remote jobs and so on.
Amazon is very reputable but there are hundreds of those scams as ell...just
be careful and don't be too excited about taking on a remote job.

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Hi Ryan, 
Virtual jobs or tele-work jobs will also require for a person to go for an
Many companies agencies or organizations will allow a person to work from
home after person is hired,  has worked the required probation period and is
in good standing. 
I would not go for a job where I do not know the employer or they know about
Tele-work is a very good option, when we have snow or bad weather. 

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Good Afternoon,

Does anybody have any experience with online (or virtual) job? This allows
an individual to complete all of his or her work only via internet or phone.
I think this is less bias way of getting hired (employers don't know you are
blind as long as you get the job done on
time) and probably gives higher chance of working for blind people.  I was
able to pull off a list of these kinds of jobs from google but I want to
find ones that are more doable by a blind person (such as barriers due to
accessibility, technology, so forth) and generate substantial income
(definitely not something like transcribing job which only pays like $.05
per hour) at the same time.  Any suggestions or recommendations?


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