[Jobs] Jobs for a college student who is totally blind

Julie McGinnity kaybaycar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 22:14:18 UTC 2018

Hi Daniella,

What are your interests?  In which types of environments do you
thrive?  Are you a full-time student or taking a few classes and want
a job that is part-time?

Do you like working with people?  Do you like working with technology?
 Would you enjoy working with food, in costumer service, or in an
office?  Think about what you would like to do.  Then think about what
you will settle for if you don't find a job in your preferred spot.
You should also think about where you definitely don't want to work.

For example, I do not want to work in food service.  I have a guide
dog, and I don't want to deal with food.  I wouldn't mind, however,
working in an office if need be, though I would rather do something a
little more active.  But if I got hired on in an office environment,
then I could do that under most circumstances.  Ideally, I'd like to
work with people and take on leadership positions one day.  I'm not
really sure what my dream job is, but hopefully that gives you a sense
of the process.


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On 8/28/18, Robert Sollars via Jobs <jobs at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> You can do anything you want to do.within reason. You obviously can't
> drive
> an uber or life but.A lot depends on your skill level and your ambitions.
> Customer service jobs and governmental jobs are all a possibility.
> There are blind doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, and so
> on.
> Decide what your life wants and then do what is necessary to achieve it.
> Robert
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> Subject: [Jobs] Jobs for a college student who is totally blind
> Hello all,
> GI am a college student living in Ontario Canada. I was wondering are there
> any organizations that help me find a job? What jobs can a blind person do?
> Could a blind person work at tim hortins if they have no vision? What about
> a grocery store? I need some ideas, I'm lost and I don't know where to
> start. eThank you Daniellat Outlook for iOS

Julie A. McGinnity
MM Vocal Performance, 2015; President, National Federation of the
Blind Performing Arts Division; First Vice President, National
Federation of the Blind of Missouri

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