[Jobs] Jobs for a college student who is totally blind

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The answer to your question, is not what can you do, but what do you want to do? You might get in touch with the Canadian Federation of the blind. They have members who have done a lot of different things, and would be glad to help you. Most of us who are blind, have done an awful lot of different things. Personally, I have done door to door seals, worked in a prison, sold memberships and the health club, worked in the state library, train to blind adults, and no work to train teachers of blind students, and to work with parents of blind children. My volunteer work as included working with state legislatures, doing advocacy for blind adults, and, in general, anything else that shows up. Remember, blindness is not your biggest limitation. Your imagination is. Good luck!

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Hello all,

GI am a college student living in Ontario Canada. I was wondering are there any organizations that help me find a job? What jobs can a blind person do? Could a blind person work at tim hortins if they have no vision? What about a grocery store? I need some ideas, I'm lost and I don't know where to start. eThank you Daniellat Outlook for iOS
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