[Jobs] Jobs for a college student who is totally blind

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Hi to you also.


First, persons who are blind, are persons, the disability of being blind,
does not make the person. In other words, persons with disabilities can do
anything a sighted person can do, except drive, and I understand that
ability may be coming soon.


If I were you, I would check out the local rehabilitation service, who would
probably suggest that you look into some career paths.  Your college could
also provide you some career interest. Have you checked into either of

What is your major in college? If it is not providing you with a career that
you are interested in, perhaps after consulting with career professionals,
you may need to change careers.


Mike Galloway, MA, CRC, ALC




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Hello all, 

GI am a college student living in Ontario Canada. I was wondering are there
any organizations that help me find a job? What jobs can a blind person do?
Could a blind person work at tim hortins if they have no vision? What about
a grocery store? I need some ideas, I'm lost and I don't know where to
start. eThank you Daniellat Outlook for iOS

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