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There are places I wouldn't want to relocate to, such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, eastern California. I have no desire to be baked 9 months out of the year just for a job. No paycheck is worth misery, lol. IN addition, moving when you're blind is a real najor pain. At least when you are sighted, you can rent your own truck to drive to the location. If you are blind, not only do you have to rent the truck, but you have to hire somebody to drive it, and then you have to hire somebody else to drive you behind the truck, or buy a plane ticket or bus ticket to the new location. If you hire movers, you can't ride along with them due to insurance concerns. I guess you could ride along in a u-haul truck, though. Maybe.
>From research I've done, most companies will only offer a limited relocation budget like, say, 3 thousand dollars, or less. Depending on distance traveled, that would only cover half the moving costs alone, never mind things like hotel rooms, food, and stuff like that.
When I moved cities, a truck to travel 50 miles was 120 dollars all by itself. And it only gets worse the greater the distance. Any job in another state would have to be one hell of a position in order to get me to consider it.

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> Just curious Ryan why you don’t want to relocate? I’m sick of moving since I have moved three times in the last four years but if the great job came along I’d go. I have others to think about since I’m getting remarried soon. This is kind of the topic we talk about. He’s looking for a job now and I will be when I get some medical things taken care of. It sure is annoying to eliminate places that could lead to good employment just because that community doesn’t have good transportation.  We both have family members in precarious health conditions so we don’t want to leave the state. We are grateful the WI  rehab agency does help pay for relocation.  Just curious does state rehab pay people to relocate in other states?
> I wish you the best Ryan! And Steve, I hope you got the job! My sweetie  is waiting on a customer service position right now that would be awesome for us. Free busing to and from the company, other health benefits other than insurance and good pay as well! And we could stay in Madison where the Transit is good for me and we can get out to go see family for the most part.
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