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Karen Rose rosekm at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 29 15:52:00 UTC 2018

You will enter your destination on your phone. It will park itself in and available space. You will be dropped off first at your destination. Karen

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> Ah, those driverless cars.
> My only question about them, and it does mean a longer wait time for them,
> how do they know where to drop us off, park, and then retrieve us? Just a
> stooped question I know...but something that has bugged me for a while.
> Robert
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> Hi Rob:
> Good points, but if the job pays well enough and provides security and
> upward mobility then it may be worth doing.  One thing about being blind
> that you didn't mention is that it isn't easy to learn a new area at least
> not quickly.  Neighborhoods, schools, walk-ability, transportation access to
> certain amenities from your house all need to be considered.  Not until
> driverless cars are made available can we just jump in the car and go.  Most
> of my friends are sighted and only a few of them truly get the picture of
> what kind of things make our lives more manageable and give us the quality
> of life that we are after.  For example, this is a great house so many
> things are within a ten minute drive.  Walking or public transportation
> doesn't even cross their mind.  Enough from me, just some food for thought
> when considering relocation.
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> There are places I wouldn't want to relocate to, such as Texas, Arizona, New
> Mexico, eastern California. I have no desire to be baked 9 months out of the
> year just for a job. No paycheck is worth misery, lol. IN addition, moving
> when you're blind is a real najor pain. At least when you are sighted, you
> can rent your own truck to drive to the location. If you are blind, not only

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