[Jobs] Jobs for a college student who is totally blind

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In my experience there are many blind people that do get offended by some of
those questions and in this world of political correctness run amuck...
I could care less about if they are rude or stooped. I'll answer the
question in my own snarky style.
Then there are other people that just don't give a rats patoot and just out
and out ask the question without regard for feelings or emotions of the
individual. A friend had a snarky response for those people who ask bluntly
without no attempt to be civil..."I masturbated too much as a child".

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I agree completely with Mikes message in regard to viewing yourself as an
individual with many characteristics and talents, only one of which is your
blindness.  Asking "can blind people do X?" is usually the wrong question to
ask.  A better question is "Has a blind person done this before? How?" Or
better still, "How can I figure out a way to do this, regardless of what
others have or have not done?"

Where I differ with Mike is regarding language.  It's fine to be just a
blind person, and to even hang out with disabled people.

There seems to be a big push in some circles to get us all to use so-called
person-first language, but I would argue that this is likely to do more harm
than good.  (To be clear, it's not my in tension to suggest that this is
Mike's aim, so consider this as a response to the language he used in his
message, and not as a statement on what Mike believes or what his goals are,
if any, regarding this matter.)

How many times have you been asked a question about your blindness, only to
have the person really struggle with the phrasing, because they don't want
to risk offending you, or coming across as uneducated or ridiculous?  How
many questions start off with the person apologizing or saying "This is
probably going to sound stupid, but..."?  I wonder how many questions have
gone unasked, because the would-be asker isn't sure how to phrase it, and
doesn't want to cause offense?

I can think of few things better calculated to increase barriers to
communication between the blind and the rest of society than person-first
language.  Essentially, we're telling folks that if you want to even talk
about us, you first have to learn the secret language.  That boring old
language you learned in elementary school?
Not good enough for us.

If the true problem of blindness is a lack of understanding, why on earth
would we want to add artificial barriers to understanding and communication.


On 8/29/18, Mike Galloway via Jobs <jobs at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi to you also.
> First, persons who are blind, are persons, the disability of being 
> blind, does not make the person. In other words, persons with 
> disabilities can do anything a sighted person can do, except drive, 
> and I understand that ability may be coming soon.
> If I were you, I would check out the local rehabilitation service, who 
> would probably suggest that you look into some career paths.  Your 
> college could also provide you some career interest. Have you checked 
> into either of those?
> What is your major in college? If it is not providing you with a 
> career that you are interested in, perhaps after consulting with 
> career professionals, you may need to change careers.
> Mike Galloway, MA, CRC, ALC
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> Hello all,
> GI am a college student living in Ontario Canada. I was wondering are 
> there any organizations that help me find a job? What jobs can a blind
person do?
> Could a blind person work at tim hortins if they have no vision? What 
> about a grocery store? I need some ideas, I'm lost and I don't know 
> where to start. eThank you Daniellat Outlook for iOS

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