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Dave dlh007 at centurylink.net
Wed Aug 29 18:40:45 UTC 2018

I once lived in both Texas and New Mexico.  Even lived in Nevada for a
spell.  And it does get rather Warm, but after you've been there a
season or two, your body adjusts, the blood gets thin and you need to
put on a wind breaker when it is 75 because you are now cold at 75t

And Yes, moving as a Blind person is a Royal Headache.  Nothing that
throwing Money at the problem won't solve, but how many of us have that
kind of money to hire everything done?  Not me, that's for sure.  

Even to move within the same State, or even across town is a Royal pain.  

When I was single, I didn't have all that much, and a few Pick Up truck
loads and I was moved.  Now that I've been married for the last 20 years,
Good Lord, we might need an 18 Wheeler to get us moved!  

As I am looking for work, I am looking in other parts of the city, as
well as in near by cities.  Now I am very good with a Cane, but there
are some Industrial Parks that are Asphalt Deserts, where you can walk
several blocks before you find a Seam, or a Crack, or Curbing to figure
out where you are.  Walking across endless stretches of parking lots and
wide wide drive ways is not my idea of a Mobility Friendly environment.  

Going to a Tall Office Building is a bit easier, but that's not exactly
a Cinch either.  I've done it, but don't like it.  Some of those
buildings are really tall, with lots of floors.  And these buildings are
very large, and so when you do get out of the elevator, it can be a real
Maze when trying to find some obscure office.  

Yeah, moving is such great Fun.  

Grumpy Dave

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