[KeyStoneChapter] Celebrating white cane day using a walker

Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
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Today October 15 is White cane Day.#LongWhiteCane2020 #PleaseDoNotTouchMyCane #CelebratingWhiteCane  There not sticks and or poles or the million other names I have heard them called over the years, but Long White canes. There the tool that help us who are blind or visually impaired navigate independently in our environment. The long white cane is an extension of my hand and finger, so that I always know what is in front of me, in my path, and or around me. My long white cane is meant to touch objects so that I know they are there. It will tell me if I am at a curb or steps. If I am using my long white cane correctly, never fear us blind folks are safe. Watch as Deneice shows us how she uses her long white cane and a walker in this video. Happy Long White Cane Day!


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