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In today's mail I received the email about the coming convention and I'm
glad to be a part of it. There was no phone number listed to call so am I to
assume that the phone number to call for tomorrow's meeting is the same for
the calling of the convention? I assume also that the access code is the



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Hello All,


The next meeting of the At-Large Chapter will take place on Tuesday, June
16.  The National President's message begins at 7:30 followed by the meeting
from 8 to 9 pm.  Our special guests for this meeting will be Pam and Roland
Allen.  Pam is the first vice president of the National Federation of the
Blind and Roland is a renowned  travel instructor at the Louisiana Center
for the Blind.  They will be talking about the Rookie Roundup and other
information about the national convention.  Ruth Sager will talk about the
senior's division, one of many division's of the NFB that will meet during
the convention.  You will not want to miss this action packed meeting. For
your convenience the call in number is:  605-313-4818.  The access code is:
720125.  Please read the minutes below.  Look forward to talking to you
tomorrow evening.


NFBMD At Large Chapter Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2020 

The presidential Release was started at 7:30 Pm 

The meeting was started at 8:00 Pm by Margarete Woods, President 

The Round Robin took place, and everyone shared something that they have
enjoyed doing this month. 

There were approximately 20 members on the call. 

Charles led the members in reciting the NFB Pledge. 

The Nominating committee report was given by Brawyn Evans.  The nominating
committee members were Brawyn Evans, Michelle Fouche, and Eddie Poindexter.
A motion was made and second to approve the nominating committee, which was


Elections were held and the following members of the At Large Chapter were
elected to the following positions:

President: Margarete Woods

Vice President: Sondra Burchette


Secretary: Danielle Earl 

Treasurer: Sharon Maneki 

Board Member: Judy Nelson 

Board Member: Daniel Johnson 

Please send your dues to Sharon and her address is below.

Sharon Maneki
9013 Nelson Way
Columbia, MD 21045

Sharon led the discussion on the article called Philosophy and Practice by
Angela Howard.  She asked the members to share one word they would use to
describe the philosophy of the NFB.  Here is the list they came up with:  


Choice, Independence, Do, Empowering, Challenge, Inspiration, Excellence,
Determination, Knowledge, Companion, Sharing, Courage, Confidence,
Self-advocacy, and Family.


Then members shared examples from the article that represented a word from
this list. The last question Sharon asked was what we can take from this
article.  Members answered with the following: 


Take control of the situation, can do what you want to do in a way you can
do it being blind, do something better and more, and being able to
accomplish something and no stopping you 


Respectfully Submitted by Danielle Earl, Secretary 



Sharon Maneki, Director of Legislation and Advocacy

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland knows that blindness is not
the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.


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