[Michigan-at-large] Introduction, and few questions

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Dear Terri, 


  Welcome to the list serve.  I am glad to know of your interest and welcome
you to attend one of  the Lansing chapter meetings. They meet on the third
Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  at the Sparrow Professional building at
1200 E. Michigan Ave.  Kim Mohnke is the president.  I am president of the
new Jackson chapter and would welcome you to attend anytime and take a look
around Jackson.  We also have a member at large chapter that meets by phone
on the second Monday of each month.  If you need more information on any of
these call me at 517 775-7943.  

   I used to live in Lansing and they have a good transportation system,
probably the best in Michigan. Jackson has a good bus and special transit if
you live in the city. Not so good if you live in the county.  It is easy to
get around both in Lansing and Jackson in the downtown areas and areas close
to town but not so good after  you have reach out to far.  I know Grnad
Rapids and Kalamazoo have good transit as well.  

  Hope this helps and hope to meet you soon. 


David Robinson 



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Hello there,


My name is Terri, and I am currently living in Lansing. I am not a member of
the NFB, but am interested in learning more about the different chapters of


I am 36, and have been living in Michigan for about 6 years now. I do have a
couple of questions, that I hope people won't mind answering.


First of all, I am considering moving to a different city in Michigan. When
I first moved out here, I lived in Kalamazoo. I liked it out there, but
moved to Lansing to be closer to a friend.


Anyway, I was wondering, can anyone give me some ideas as to which cities
might be best to live in? I want to find one with the best services for the
blind, as well as where there might be the best transportation.

Also, I want to find a place where it is easy to get around, if you want to
walk places. But as well as friendly people.

Does anybody have any reccomendations? I would appreciate any thoughts, and
or suggestions.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to being a part
of this list.



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