[Mn-abs] Attention To Those Interested In Broadcasting Or Performing

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 16:09:15 UTC 2011

***This is the only time a message of this sort will be posted here***

Greetings Everybody!

Do you have an interest in performing and entertaining people?

Have you always wanted to get involved with radio but didn't think you could?

Do you like listening to internet radio stations and have you always
wanted to be part of one?
Are you a musician, or performer, and are you looking to get your
music out there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this message is for you.

A little over a month ago, a new online radio station called
AudioAccessRadio launched, and we're looking for talent to help shape
and develop our lineup of programming!

If you're new to internet radio, or you're not sure if it would be for
you, your chance to find out is tonight!

During this evening's Djd Invasion radio show, which will air on
between 8 and 11 PM eastern, you'll be invited during our music breaks to either
Call in and ask questions about the station, how broadcasting works, etc.
You can also call in to make arrangements to have your music played on
our station and to arrange a live or pre recorded interview to be
played on air focusing on you and your music.

Or to maybe be part of our show as a guest co host to see how things
work in online radio and wwhat it's like to be part of a radio show

Whether you just want to listen to hear what an online radio show
sounds like, or whether you'd like to call in and participate on or
off air, your chance to learn about online broadcasting happens
tonight, at any time between 8 and 11 PM eastern on AudioAccessRadio,
with this evening's Djd Invasion radio show.

This show will feature a wide array of songs from the pop rock and
country genres, with your requests thrown in.

To call in during the show to talk off or on air, feel free to add
to your skype or dial
on your telephone.

The music tonight will be upbeat and fun to hear, so feel free to tune
in, be entertained, and to learn what online radio is about. We hope
that spending time with us this evening will peak your interest in
joining a team of people who love internet radio and who wish to
spread that love to others. Think of this as an internet radio station
open house of sorts.
We're also very interested in promoting new musicians, so if you're
looking for that exposure, feel free to call in.
Not sure if calling in is what you want to do right away? Send your
questions by email to
djd at audioaccessradio.com

So come tune in, bring any questions you have about broadcasting or
online radio in general or about the station, and join us at any time
between 8 and 11 PM eastern for The Djd Invasion. The link to tune in
is at

Hope to see you there as a listener, or maybe a potential broadcaster!
>From David Dunphy

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