[Mn-abs] Fwd: NABS Hostage Crisis and Other Student-Related Fundraising Activities at National Convention

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 02:07:07 UTC 2013

Hey Fellow students!
 as of upi weren't interested and excited enough about convention, here's one more reason to be.
  our fundraising committee has done it again!
 Here's it's captain of capital (aka fundraising committee chair) Gabe Cazares breaking down the good times to be had, so please support the great work!
> Convention is fast approaching and the National Association of Blind
> Students is gearing up to be a part of it. Here are but a few of the
> fundraising activities that we will be hosting at this year’s annual
> national convention, please support your one and only student
> division.
> Back by popular demand, custom made slate and stylus carrying cases.
> Do you always have to rummage through your backpack, briefcase, or
> purse to find your slate and stylus? Don’t you wish there was an
> easier way to keep both of them together? Well fellow Federationists,
> ask and you shall receive! NABS has once again partnered with
> Stitchville of Ruston to bring you hand-made, sleek, and fashionable
> carrying cases for your slate and stylus. You can order yours for the
> very affordable price of $15 at the NABS exhibit hall table or by
> contacting anyone on the NABS board.
> We’ve all heard of 50/50 raffles but this year, NABS is proud to bring
> to you a 60/40 raffle. Yes, how generous of us, we know! Should you be
> the one to draw the lucky ticket you will get 60% of the pot, while
> your friendly neighborhood student division keeps 40%. The only way
> you can potentially walk away with a fat wad of cash however, is by
> purchasing tickets. The more tickets we sell, the larger the prize
> will be. It’s easy and simple to enter, you can purchase 1 ticket for
> $2, or you can purchase 3 tickets for $5. The more tickets you
> purchase, the better your odds are to win! Purchase tickets at our
> NABS exhibit hall table or by contacting any one of us on the NABS
> board.
> As many of you know our casino-style game night popularly known as
> Monte Carlo will once again be taking place at this year’s convention
> on Thursday July 4 from 8:00Pm to 11:30 PM in Salons 1 and 2, level 2
> of the Rosen Center Hotel. However, what you may not know is that NABS
> will be holding some of your Favorite Federationists hostage, and
> they’ll need your help to make bail and be released from NABS
> captivity. Don’t worry, they won’t be tortured too badly. Come help
> your fellow Federationists make bail.
> At 8:00 PM NABS will be holding Joanne Wilson, Carl Jacobsen, and Joe
> Ruffalo hostage. At 9:00 PM Ever Lee Hairston, Eric Guillory, and
> Patti Chang will be in need of your help. And finally at 10:00 PM Anil
> Lewis, Mary Fernandez, and Alex Castillo will be in NABS custody.
> You won’t want to miss this year’s Monte Carlo Night, it is gearing up
> to be quite the entertaining event.
> If you have any NABS fundraising related questions, or if you’d like
> to buy raffle tickets, please feel free to contact me by writing to me
> at: gcazares at nfbtx.org or by telephone at: 713-269-5156.
> See y’all in Orlando!
> ...Gabe
> Gabe Cazares, Chairman
> NABS Fundraising Committee

Darian Smith
2nd Vice President, National Association of Blind Students
dsmithnfb at gmail.com

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