[Mn-abs] Last call: summer leadership training opportunity in New York

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 16:47:00 UTC 2013

:I have been asked to Circulate the Following

Begin forwarded message:
> Please circulate widely
> Calling applicants to the 2013 Summer Leadership Training Seminar in
>> New York during August 12th through the 14th. We are looking for 30
>> intelligent, driven, and passionate university students with
>> or without disabilities looking to be leaders in their campuses and communities.
>> The two night three day seminar will involve multiple hands-on
>> workshops with disability rights activists who will teach from
>> experience in activism and throughout their careers. Participants will then be equipped with the knowledge and
>> energy to lead their own campus wide campaigns promoting full rights,
>> pay, and integration for all persons. The purpose is to combat laws that keep sub minimum wages legal in the US where they almost entirely target persons with disabilities. If you are interested in being a
>> leader who makes great change while working with human rights
>> activists and many driven peers, we strongly encourage you to apply.
>> Please email the attached application form to
> njabstudents at gmail.com no later than July 1st.
>> For questions email New Jersey Association of Blind Students
>> President, Shafeka Hashash, at
> snh278 at nyu.edu.
> In solidarity,
>> The New Jersey Association of Blind Students
> Best,
> Shafeka Hashash

Darian Smith
2nd Vice President, National Association of Blind Students
dsmithnfb at gmail.com

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