[Mn-abs] Convention File Updates

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed Oct 14 03:00:09 UTC 2015

>Hi everyone,
>We had a great deal of trouble uploading our convention files over 
>the weekend as some of you know.  Many of them were incomplete and 
>some did not get uploaded at all.  For a number of reasons, we have 
>uploaded them all again and the file names have been changed.  We 
>have added a number at the beginning which will force the files to 
>be in the correct sequence.  Because the file names have been 
>changed, none of the direct links in the various emails I have sent 
>that refer to specific files will no longer work.  However, you can 
>get to all files by going to
>and go to the file you want and press ENTER.  Sometimes you may have 
>to wait for a long time before the audio starts, depending upon your 
>system's configuration.
>The layout of this page is a web page representation of a folder 
>listing.  Later today we will have something in place that will make 
>this work more like a web page.  Therefore, if you find the current 
>format of this page to be difficult, wait a while and try again.
>Please let us know if you have problems by writing to me at
><mailto:Steve.jacobson at visi.com>Steve.jacobson at visi.com
>But please do not reply to this note that is coming from a list.
>Thank you once again for your patience.  This was supposed to be an 
>easy alternative to streaming, but it certainly was not due in part 
>to the very, very poor connection in the hotel.
>Best regards,
>Steve Jacobson

         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
E-Mail:  dandrews at visi.com or david.andrews at nfbnet.org

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