[nabs-l] Walking at Graduation

hannah sparklylicious at suddenlink.net
Thu Dec 11 04:17:17 UTC 2008

What about high school graduations? Any suggestions on how a 
person who's blind or visually impaired could prepare for that?

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>Hi Harry,

>When I graduated I practiced first a few days before so I would 
>an idea of how the route was  set up and then I could do it on my 
>However, I had a small graduation for just my small college, so 
>may not work if you're in a general university graduation.  Maybe 
>to the registrar and see if you can practice beforehand.  You can 
>try asking someone you know who is graduating to be your guide.

>Amusingly, at our graduation the people working were nervous 
because I
>guess the lighting near the steps to go off the stage wasn't very
>good, and they were afraid people would fall off the stage! I 
>overall I was at an advantage!


>On 12/11/08, Harry Hogue <harryhogue at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,

>> I wanted to get everyone's advice before I call the registrar's 
office to
>> make arrangements for a guide.

>> I'm graduating this Saturday, and am not sure what to do about 
>> across the stage to the person to get my diploma, etc.  What 
have you guys
>> done who have graduated?  As I understand it you walk up  a 
ramp, to the
>> person, shake hands with him an who ever else is there, and walk 
down the
>> other side.  Thoughts?

>> P.S.  Disability SErvices said they don't have anything set up, 
but that the
>> student just calls the registrar's office and arranges for a 
guide if they
>> wish.

>> Harry
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