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I still would proceed with the case. The professor signed an agreement that
he would provide materials in  electronic  format. He did not comply with
the agreement.
Hope and guide dog,  Beignet

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Hello Everybody

I was telling a sighted friend about the following situation and got a
response that other professors might have a problem with it. The
situation occured during the last full week of school. I was taking
Introduction to Sociology and the professor decided to issue a take home
final exam on Tuesday to be due on Friday. So he signed a document with
approved accomodations and one of them was to receive all tests and
exams in electronic format and when the professor issued the exam, the
professor promised me that I would receive a copy of the exam the same
day it was issued to everyone else in class. I waited all day and
checked my student email constantly and there was no exam from the
professor. So I sent a reminder email to the professor and got no
response. The next day I checked my student email constantly and
received no final exam. So on that day I sent an another reminder email
to the professor. So I was scheduled to have a meeting with my Finite
Math professor on Thursday of this week and my disability coordinator
was at the meeting. It was to discuss what would work and what wouldn't
work for my spring semester Finite Math class. After this meeting was
over I mentioned to my disability coordinator about not receiving the
final exam in electronic format from my Sociology professor. Between me
and the disability coordinator we came up with an another email
describing the ramficiations of ADA and for me to receive the final exam
in electronic format. Neither the disability coordinator or I got a
response. So my roommate was taking the same exact class and I scanned a
copy of the exam questions.

It was recoomended by my disability coordinator to write a letter to
this professor after I received my final grade from the professor. My
question to everybody is should I proceed with my case?

If this information helps anybody I attend Southern New Hampshire
University located in Manchester, New Hampshire
Any thoughts and opinions are welcome

Eric Gaudes

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