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> Hi Folks
> This week's Attitude Test asks a simple question:  is Braille literacy
still as important as ever it was for blind people?  In these days of
talking computers, talking mobile phones, and other audio-enhanced
technology, is it still necessary for blind children, or the newly blind to
take the trouble and learn Braille?  Can one, for example get just as much
pleasure from listening to an audio book, as reading a Braille one.  Let me
introduce a personal note here.  I am what is considered to be a pretty
fluent Braille reader, yet I must admit I prefer a talking book, especially
if it's unabridged, any day.
> If you'd like to join in the discussion you can call us at The Global
Voice, during the show.
> Naama and I will be kicking things off at 19:00 UTC, that's 3 pm Eastern,
12 pm Pacific and would very much welcome your input.
> There are several ways to get in touch with the program whilst we're on
> by Skype at the.global.voice;
> by email and msn at yourvoice at theglobalvoice.info
> or by using any of our three phone numbers:
> in the US and Canada the number is 305 434 4132;
> in the UK and Europe the number is +44 208 123 6806;
> and in New Zealand and Australia, the number is +64 9 974 9636.
> Please join Naama and myself for what I hope will be a stimulating
discussion, at 19:00 UTC in The Attitude Test on The Global Voice.
> If you miss the live broadcast, the program is repeated on Monday at 11:00
UTC, and should you wish to email the program when we're not on air, you can
do so at attitude.test at theglobalvoice.info.
> Chrissie
> General Manager; the Global Voice
> www.theglobalvoice.info.
> I'm also now on Twitter: chrissietgv
> General Manager; the Global Voice
> www.theglobalvoice.info.
> I'm also now on Twitter: chrissietgv
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