[nabs-l] National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam EndswithMarch and Ceremony in Washington

Robert Jaquiss rjaquiss at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 4 20:57:28 UTC 2009


     I was the assistant robotics instructor at Youth Slam. The Robot track 
had a short course in CSI. The students had a set of fingerprints which were 
processed with superglue and another set that was processed with graphite 
powder. The processed fingerprints were scanned, enlarged and printed out on 
Swell paper. All the pods in the Robot track were able to match up the 
prints properly.

     I am proud of what my track did. We had five robots which were 
programmed to follow a course and avoid objects. Some pods did better than 
others, but everyone had a great time.


Robert Jaquiss, President
Greater Ouachita Chapter
National Federation of the Blind
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