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Well said. I look forward to meeting you in Detroit as I am a first time 
national scholarship winner! Like you said it is so much more than just 
picking up a check.
Rachel Jacobs
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> Jim,
> These are big questions that you raise about requiring scholarship 
> recipients to attend the national convention.
> I won a National Scholarship in 2006 and will be a tenBroek Fellow  this 
> year (winning a scholarship for a second time). Requesting time  off work 
> can be difficult and daunting, but all supervisors that I  have had for 
> summer internships or employment have had no problem with  me taking leave 
> for the week of convention. I suppose that may stem  from the way that I 
> approach them, talking about my involvement with  the NFB, the programs 
> that we sponsor, and how it impacts the lives of  many blind people to see 
> other successful blind people not only at  convention but throughout the 
> year too.
> The scholarship is more than a check. As you point out, recipients are 
> required to attend our entire convention. Recipients are invited --  and 
> sponsored -- to attend Washington Seminar as well as a leadership  event 
> the preceding weekend just for scholarship alumni at the  National Center. 
> You see, the scholarship is merely a point of entry  for students into an 
> organization that can help them change their  outlook on their life as a 
> student, a professional, and as a person.
> I don't know if you have been to a convention before, but the  networking 
> opportunities at those conventions can be extremely helpful  for finding 
> employment, advice, and friendship. People say that  conventions change 
> their lives because of the people they meet and the  ideas they learn.
> So do I agree that students should be required to attend the  convention 
> to receive a scholarship? Whole-heartedly yes. Might it be  challenging to 
> take a leave of absence -- not a vacation, for you will  be working full 
> time at convention! -- on the busiest day of the year  for the National 
> Park Service? Possibly. But you won't know unless you  ask. When you make 
> that ask, don't frame it as you're going to pick up  a check and enjoy an 
> expenses-paid trip to Detroit. You're going to a  convention to learn how 
> to be a more successful and productive blind  person by networking with 
> others. Only say that, though, if you truly  intend to work at convention 
> to better yourself. You get out of  convention what you put in -- so sure, 
> stay up late to meet people and  enjoy the hotel bar, but balance that 
> with still being able to listen  to the general sessions to learn what 
> others have done that has worked  for them.
> I hope this answers your questions,
> Corbb O'Connor, from Virginia
> On May 31, 2009, at 2:53 PM, Jim Reed wrote:
> Hello fellow scholoarship contestants,
> I also applied for the NFB scholarship, and I also have not heard 
> anything. My understanding was that the scholarship commitee would  begin 
> reviewing applications after May 1.  It seems to me that since  one 
> requirement of the scholarship is attending the national  convention, it 
> is likely that the sciholarship commitee has already,  or must very 
> shortly make their desisions. thus allowing time to make  travel 
> arraingements.
> BTW, How do you guys feel about being forced  to attend a national 
> convention in order to reciieve a scholarship? We atre college  students; 
> shouldn't we be being encouraged to work during the summers?  What about 
> those with summer internships where they can't take time  off work?I know 
> that if I had a job working for the National Park  Service, or the Forest 
> Service, there would be no chance I could go to  convention, especially 
> since the convention falls on the 4th of July  (when every idiot with a 
> tent and a cooler full of beer is in the  National Parks/Forest). I'm not 
> sure I agree with the idea of  requreing students to take a week out of 
> their lives, and travel half- way acrossed the country for the purpose of 
> recieving a scholarship;  even if the trip is free.
> Thoughts?
> Jim
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