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I'm still waiting for a yae or nae as well. I applied and sent in all of my
stuff  and it arrived right when the deadline hit.

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Hello fellow scholoarship contestants,
I also applied for the NFB scholarship, and I also have not heard anything.
My understanding was that the scholarship commitee would begin reviewing
applications after May 1.  It seems to me that since one requirement of the
scholarship is attending the national convention, it is likely that the
sciholarship commitee has already, or must very shortly make their
desisions. thus allowing time to make travel arraingements. 

BTW, How do you guys feel about being forced  to attend a national
convention in order to reciieve a scholarship? We atre college students;
shouldn't we be being encouraged to work during the summers? What about
those with summer internships where they can't take time off work?I know
that if I had a job working for the National Park Service, or the Forest
Service, there would be no chance I could go to convention, especially since
the convention falls on the 4th of July (when every idiot with a tent and a
cooler full of beer is in the National Parks/Forest). I'm not sure I agree
with the idea of requreing students to take a week out of their lives, and
travel half-way acrossed the country for the purpose of recieving a
scholarship; even if the trip is free.


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