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Where can u get that book, i am thinking about going to a training center.  thanks.
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>Carmella's book is a good one! The story was real the characters were alive
>and likeable. The experiences the young Carmella takes the reader through
>were familiar and in their telling it is possible to know why it happened as
>it did for that Carmella for that capable person who had one foot in the
>sighted world and one in that of the blind, in hind-sight needed to be
>stronger in her blindness skills. And so this story is a very helpful and
>poignant lesson for the blind want-to-be college student.
>I recommend buying and reading it and passing its existence on to other
>coming students and to the parents of blind students.
>Robert Leslie Newman
>Email- newmanrl at cox.net
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>Hi everyone, I was on this list a while ago and am glad to be back. I've
>been very busy promoting my first book, a memoir about my first year of
>college, that was released in February of this year. It is called Carmella's
>Quest: Taking on College Sight Unseen and is published by Red Letter Press
>Your fearless leader, Robert Newman, has read it, and claims to have enjoyed
>the book.  Smile.  He might just be being nice, but I think he means that.
>He told me he would be honest.
>The book describes my  freshman year at a small  Christian liberal arts
>college in upstate SC in the mid '90s.  It  talks about my  struggles with
>trying to  make use of the small amount of vision I had when getting around
>campus and completing academic requirements. I also talk  about my struggles
>to just be seen as not so different from my peers and my friendships and
>dating relationships. Blindness is part of the story, but not any more or
>less than  other aspects of my life.  I tell about what  happened and
>blindness comes up as it was a natural part of events and  circumstances.
>I am in the process of recording Carmella's Quest at my local NLS studio so
>that it will be available  through NLS.   So far, that has been a lot of
>fun.  It is also available on bookshare.org. For those who  are interested,
>if a print copy is purchased but the need for an accessible version exists,
>I will send an electronic copy via email. You can learn more about me and
>book related happenings at my blog http://CarmellasQuest.LiveJournal.com.
>I wish I had more time to  promote the book.  That is fairly time consuming
>and there is research involved and a learning curve.  I enjoy it and refuse
>to let it stress me out, but there is so much more I could do if I had more
>hours a week to devote to it and more energy freed up.
>If you are on other lists you think might be interested, please feel free to
>post info there.  I can't get to them all myself, that's for sure. Same goes
>for individuals.
>For more info, feel fr

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