[nabs-l] Summer 09! What is everyone doing?

Adrianne Dempsey adrianne.dempsey at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 17:35:41 UTC 2009

    I am working at a summer camp as the program director, and fixing up my 
house.  With the extra money I get I can afford to by materials and higher 
some one to do the work.  I will be able to do much of it, but their are 
just certain things I don't know how to do.  I am not good at drywalling for 
example.  I am looking forward to this summer it will be fun.  I am happy to 
see my campers again.  I love camp T.

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Hi all,

For the next three months or so many students won't be students at all, as 
the semester slowly turns into summer break.

Summer is a great time to do something productive, be it more classes, 
internships, travels abroad, or jobs at home. Maybe you're piling on more 
hours at your university to obtain that degree you wanted in chemistry; or 
maybe you're working at your dad's restaurant down the street and spending 
your evenings catching up on missed television shows.

Either way, I'm curious what you all have planned for the summer? What are 
you doing? If you're working, where? And how did you come across your job? 
If you're not working, what will you fill your days with?

I understand that this list is for academic-related activities and pursuits. 
Yet summer is as important to students as academics, and it's always nice to 
find out what others are doing with their (possibly) free time.

... it's summer, after all.


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