[nabs-l] summer 09! what's everyone doing?

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Wow!  That sounds really awesome!


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> Hi everyone:
> As many of you were asking, I'm working for the Canadian Government so 
> unfortunately can't help any of you out (I'll get back to you with more 
> info though, Sarah). I'm an administrative assistant with perks, for a 
> pilot project ambiguously called "Personalized Service Delivery for 
> Persons with Disabilities Demonstration Project." The perks are that I get 
> to participate in all the conferences and meetings that the rest of my 
> team attends, but cary out all of the admin stuff, we're all a pretty 
> virtual team working in a number of different locations, me being the 
> farthest away so when they meet up for biweekly meetings i attend via 
> phone. And yes, I'd say I'm pretty busy, the busiest I've been since 
> working there. And i apologize, I'm getting ahead of myself, this summer 
> will actually be my third. But I guess I'm saying three years because I've 
> already started working. My jobs had a lot of down time in previous 
> summers but not this year. I get to do other opportunities in my local
> office as well, like this week I'm assisting in the interview process and 
> selection of a newly hired student. It's an interesting experience being 
> on the other side of the table.
> As for my thesis, I'm not in grad school yet, but at my university in my 
> major one of the options I have as a prep for grad school is to do a 
> directed studies project. You get a supervisor just as you would for grad 
> school, and get to cary out a study of your choice. You have weekly or 
> biweekly meethings throughout, and then at the end you have to present 
> your final paper and results to a committee, just as you would for a 
> Masters or Ph.D. As I'm not in grad school yet I don't know how that 
> process works, but with this project I get to decide the other two faculty 
> in addition to my supervisor who siton the comittee (one is another 
> instructor I've worked with in the past, the other is not but was the head 
> of the counselling department of the university where I'd like to get my 
> counselling degree from for grad school). This project isn't necessary for 
> me to get my BA in Psych come June, but I think it will be a great 
> stepping stone. the project I've decided to do is looking at the
> social integration
> of elementary school children with physical and sensory disabilities,
> looking at how it has changed over the years, and what impeeds/makes for
> successful integration. My intro will probably focus more generally on the 
> beginnings of inclusion of students with disabilities, and then narrow 
> down to my actual topic as I write. I am currently researching for the lit 
> review which I hope to complete early October, then I will run the 
> proposal by my committe, and work on the ethics to start getting itno 
> schools come January. I hope to use a comibination of naturalistic 
> observation and interview techniques. I hope to interview kids with 
> disabilities, their school teachers/teaching assistants if they have any, 
> and maybe good friends and other classmates (haven't fully decided that 
> yet).
> Patricia
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