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Arielle Silverman arielle71 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:13:02 UTC 2009

Hi Jim and all,

The NFB frequently gathers information from affected individuals
whenever there's an allegation of possible inaccessibility. It is
important that we gather accurate information from as many sources as
possible before taking any kind of action, whether that be a lawsuit,
protest, or diplomatic talks. Providing the NFB with pertinent
information doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be thrown into a
lawsuit, even if the NFB does ultimately decide to sue. In fact, I
think it's best for the NFB to solicit as much information as possible
before taking any kind of action. For example, we should find out just
how many students will be affected and whether any work-arounds exist
that might render the device accessible or partially so. Again,
providing information doesn't mean that you personally will become a
plaintiff in a lawsuit. I am confident that before anyone from the NFB
involves anyone else in a legal case, they will first get that
person's written permission and will provide as much information as
possible so that person can make an informed choice. Carol's message
didn't specify what type of action will be taken, not because she is
lying, but because we probably don't know yet what kind of action is
appropriate, and we won't know until we get more information from
affected consumers. I think it's important not to immediately suspect
ulterior motives until we know all the facts.


On 6/4/09, Jim Reed <jim275_2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Oh, buy the way, by purchasing and requiring the use of the Kindle DX means
> it is actually the universities who would be doing the discriminating, not
> Amazon or Kindle. Therefore, it would be the universities, not Amazon or
> Kindle,  who would be the respondents in a Kindle DX related discrimination
> lawsuit. That will certainly put the student in an unfavorable position
> among some university faculty and administrators, and possibly among some
> students. Just another element that requires an informed decision.
> "From compromise and things half done,
> Keep me with stern and stubborn pride,
> And when at last the fight is won,
> ... Keep me still unsatisfied." --Louis Untermeyer
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