[nabs-l] [Nabs-presidents] Action Plan, Part 4

Arielle Silverman arielle71 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 04:24:53 UTC 2009

Hello all:

Thanks to Joe for his willingness to take the time to share his ideas
and reflections with us about ways in which we can improve our
organizational structure and operations. We are always looking for
newer and stronger ways to expand and reach our overarching goal of
fostering educational opportunities and employment potential for all
blind students.

	While I am generally not inclined toward political campaigning, it
makes sense to announce at this point that I will be running for
president of the National Association of Blind Students at the
convention next month. If elected I will be sure to give all these
suggestions, and any others you might provide, due consideration. I
feel it important for us to continually evaluate our organization and
think about not only what we could be doing better, but also what we
already do well and how we can continue that momentum. Some of these
ideas, such as the Student Slate suggestions, are ones I’m planning to
discuss with the next NABS board. It is also my intention, if elected,
to set up regular conference call opportunities where NABS members can
talk to the board about your perspective toward the organization and
how we can better serve your needs. As we move toward convention,
please feel free to share your suggestions with us on-list, or to
write me privately at
Arielle71 at gmail.com
Without all of you we don’t have an organization, so I hope you will
take advantage of your rights as members to speak your minds and to
directly get involved in our collaborative efforts—such as
disseminating information on our Website, publishing our newsletter,
organizing social and educational activities for blind students at
national NFB meetings, and reaching out to new students in our states.

	On a more personal note, I’d also like to welcome all of our new
listserv members, and to express my joy for continuing to be a part of
leading this organization. Nine years ago, I made my first contact
with the NFB when I introduced myself on the NABS-L mailing list as a
high school freshman. Back then, I never would have predicted that I’d
be a contender for the presidency of this division, or, for that
matter, that I’d be attending a doctoral program in another state. I
can’t imagine where I’d be today without the mentorship and support
that I got from so many NABS members and leaders over the years. I
guess my point is that any of you could end up becoming president of
our student division someday, and many of you can and will make
lasting contributions to our movement and change the lives of blind
people. I hope those of you who  are  new will continue to dive into
our organization, ask questions, discuss issues, and learn from and
teach each other. We may have disagreements at times, but in the end
we are united by our common interest in making sure that all blind
students can get an education and establish real independence and
productivity for themselves. We’re glad to have all of you on the
barricades with us.

Arielle Silverman
First Vice-President
National Association of Blind Students

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> As the 2009 "editor" of the latest Student Slate, I will be most interested
> in this feedback.
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