[nabs-l] Donating blood/plasma

sarah.jevnikar at utoronto.ca sarah.jevnikar at utoronto.ca
Sat Jun 13 01:38:41 UTC 2009

Hi Jim,
Thank you for donating! It's so important and few people appreciate that.
I think your idea is a good one, as often many people would be in a  
similar situation. I've donated blood before and noticed that many  
elderly people also do so it makes sense that a shuttle bus be  
provided. I hope it works out.
Just a question, is being paid for blood donations a nation-wide thing  
or just in Montana? I had never heard of it before.
Happy donating,
Quoting Jim Reed <jim275_2 at yahoo.com>:

> Hey all,
> I have a question for you all; I am wqondering if anyone has ever   
> thought of, or tried this before.
>  I live in a town that has a Biolife Plasma Center. Essentially, its  
>  kinda like donating blood, except they donl take the blood, just  
> the  plasma,  and return the rest, You can get paid for this  
> "donation"-  you can go twice a week, you can make $50 a week, and  
> make up to  $200 a month.
> When I had my car I used to go out there twice a week, every week.   
> Now that I dont have my car I cant get out there. There are buses   
> that run that way, but they are so infrequent that the bus is not   
> practicle. Additionally, the polasma process is unpredicatable, some  
>  times you can be in and out of the center in one- hour, but   
> sometimes it takes 2 hours. That unpredictability is not good when   
> yoy have a bus to catch and a 1.5 hour wait if you miss the bus.   
> Billings does have a cab service, but it would be a $16 round-trip;   
>  hardly worth it to make $20.
> I called Biolife and spoke to an assistant manager, I explained that  
>  I am a blind guy who used to donate regularly, and wanted to   
> restart. I told him that I noticed plent of off-peak times when the   
> center is pretty empty. I suggested that Biolife arrainge a shuttle   
> bus during these times, or contract with the cab service. The   
> assistant manager thought I had a good idea and was going to pass it  
>  along to the general manager.
> I was wondering, have any of you tried anything lke this with eather  
>  a biolife center, or a blood bank? to what sucess?
> thanks,
> Jim
> "From compromise and things half done,
> Keep me with stern and stubborn pride,
> And when at last the fight is won,
> ... Keep me still unsatisfied." --Louis Untermeyer
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