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Amy Sabo amylsabo at comcast.net
Wed Mar 4 22:47:43 UTC 2009

hello all,

well, the reality of finally having radio 360 is going to happen! but, to make this happen we need advertisement to make this happen. so, if you know of anyone who has a business or something than please read on for this information. also, please forward this onto all of your friends, family, and associates if they also wish to contribute to this adventure.

if you have any questions please contact me or david at the email provided in this message. take care and thanks for your assistance on this!

sincerely yours,
from amy

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Subject: A Chance To Advertise Your Company Or Site With The Djd Invasion

Hello To All!

Feel free to pass the following on to anyone you 

think would be interested:

Have you started your own personal web site, but 

can't seem to get the word out to too many people?

Do you have a company or business that you're 

anxious to promote?

If you answered yes to one or both of these 

questions, then The Djd Invasion site can help!

My web site, which is


is the site of my own internet radio show The Djd 

Invasion, which will soon be part of an internet radio station I'll be starting 

called Radio 360.

Since this is a radio station that will always be 

on the air, and since the station will have a web site that will always be 

online, I figured I would give you the opportunity to promote your web site, 

service, or company. Here's how it works.

1. You submit a text ad to me by email 


djdrocks4ever at gmail.com

with a brief description of what you're trying to 

advertise, and a web site, phone number, etC people can use to find out more 

about your product.

2. The cost for advertising space on 

thedjdinvasion.com, soon to be Radio360online.com is as follows:

For an individual, the cost is 10 dollars per month 

for a text ad

For an established company or business, the cost 

will be 25 dollars per month

And if you'd like an audio ad to be played as part 

of the auto dJ system, it will cost an additional 5 dollars per month. Each 

company/individual is allowed one audio ad, but you may change the ad as you see 

fit, and the new ad will replace your old one.

Text ads will rotate on each of the major site 


If you have questions, want a custom ad plan, or 

are interested, feel free to email me at

djdrocks4ever at gmail.com

so I can make a list of those who are interested 

for when Radio360 launches, which will be soon.

Thanks and take care.

>From David


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