[nabs-l] Sendero March Highlights

Kim Casey kim at senderogroup.com
Wed Mar 18 14:24:19 UTC 2009

Hello Sendero Users,

1. Now available, a Sendero GPS Pay As You Go purchase plan for GPS 
on BrailleNote products. Pay $199 for the software, $99 for a 
receiver and $99 for a 16GB compact flash card if you need it. Then 
pay $99 per month for 13 months. Details available upon request. An 
ongoing payment plan also available for subsequent upgrades.

2. Sendero activities at CSUN:
* Find us in the Marriott, booth 232.
* Attend our two presentations: Friday at noon - Highlight on 
Accessible GPS in the Marriott Saddle Brook room and Friday at 4:20PM 
Analysis of Accessible GPS in the Marriott Dallas room.
* Sendero Group/Sweetman Systems reception, Friday 5:30 in the 
Marriott Suite 1719.  Come Celebrate new GPS products and Sweetman's 
20th anniversary.

3. Announcing the new i-Blue 737 A+ GPS receiver, significant 
improvements include 66 channels, higher sensitivity rating, 32 hour 
battery life, more distinct on/off switch, and best of all it works 
with all the Sendero GPS products.  http://senderogroup.com/shopem.htm

4. Don't miss out on Sendero's GPS upgrade 25% off deal for the rest 
of March, 
along with other super deals http://senderogroup.com/deals.htm.

Contact Sendero Group:
Toll free phone (US and Canada): 1-888-757-6810
Direct phone: +1 530 757-6800

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