[nabs-l] just want to introduce myself to the list

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As you yourself mentioned, this is not the first time you have posted to introduce yourself to this list.


Moreover, I have seen various introductory posts from you on a few other lists in the past few months; all of which gained few responses, and all of which more or less said the same thing. In all cases, you haven't made much of an effort to follow up with engaging content and make a name for yourself. Yet then you return some months later to try again -- and to complain about the lack of responses.


There is plenty of room to become involved off and on this particular list. Introducing yourself is fine; but to make life-long friends and work through the "struggles" you are dealing with, I would suggest that you stick around, post in other topics, and try to become an active and engaging member of the list.


That, or you'll return in a few months, yet again disapointed by the lack of responses.


It's all up to you.



> From: jmatte28 at comcast.net
> To: nabs-l at nfbnet.org
> Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 18:38:55 -0400
> Subject: [nabs-l] just want to introduce myself to the list
> Hi there everybody.
> Before I actually introduce myself I should start off my intro by stating that I don't normally tend to subscribe to online list serves, but lately I've been feeling a real need to interact with other people who may be experiencing some of the same struggles I may be and if nothing else I'd like to be able to make some life long friends.
> I was on this list at one point a few months or so ago but I unsubscribed after a while because I felt a bit let down by the lack of responses I got to my intro, but I figured it's a brand new month and another day so why not give this another try.
> So having said all of that let me tell you all a little bit about myself.
> My name is Jonathan though typically most of my friends call me Jon.
> I'm 27 years of age and come from Massachusetts a city called Brockton which is located about 45 or so minutes south of Boston.
> I'm about 5 9, have brown hair, hazel colored eyes, and I haven't recently checked my weight but I'm guessing I weigh about 180 lbs.
> I'm hoping to work some of those pounds off on the new treadmill my folks got me for my birthday though.
> I tend to think of myself as being a very laid back and extremely friendly person, however I do like to make it known to everybody right up front that I am not, never have been, and probably never will be in to the whole drugs/ partying lifestyle, however I respect that everybody is entitled to live there lives as they see fit but I had a very close friend who's friendship I lost to that sort of thing and I don't have much of a place for people like that in my life.
> I have a wide variety of interests some of which include reading, listening to all types of music, talking online and on the phone, going out to dinner, sometimes to the movies, and browsing around in bookstores and music shops to name only a few.
> I'm single and do not have any kids though like many people out their I'm always on the look out and hoping to meet someone new and interesting.
> right now I'm not currently in college due to personal struggles in my life but the reason I thought I would try joining this list is because it's more likely going to have people who are closer to my age then alot of the other list serves probably do and as I indicated above I have a sincere interest in wanting to meet people.
> I'm totally blind and have been since birth.
> I have a condition known as Micro Opthelmia which means little to no eyes.
> If anybody out their would like to say hello feel free to contact me off list.
> There are 2 ways you can reach me you can always email me at my email address which is
> jmatte28 at comcast.net
> or you can always send me an IM on aim if your feeling really bold.
> My screen name is tvvault82
> I would offer people a skype user name but at this time I'm not doing anything with that program so those are the best ways to reach me.
> Thanks for taking some time to read my intro and I hope to hear from some new people soon.
> Sincerely Jonathan from Massachusetts.
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