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Thanks for the info.  I do happen to know the titles/authors, etc. to most 
of my textbooks for the upcoming semester.  I have been researching online 
to see if the books are available in an ebook format, and I discovered that 
at least one of them is.  My concern is that the book, even if I obtain the 
online version, will not be accessible to me.  Acording to the website I 
explored, it claims that books may not be accessible and to contact the 
publisher, but that it was working toward making the books accessible. 
Also, it did not mention that the books would be inaccessible to any 
specific disability group, such as blindness.  I am emailing to see if 
anyone on this list has experience with ebooks that are textbooks, and if 
so, were you able to access or obtain JAWS scripts to allow you to access 
the book.  Thank you.  Just FYI, the link I discovered is:
"Find your college textbook at low prices | CourseSmart"
Anita Adkins
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> There's a new law that may help out blind people who want to ensure they 
> can get their books in an accessible format. This from Consumerist.
> Finding the best textbooks prices just got a whole lot easier now that 
> colleges are
> required to provide students with a list of required textbooks when they 
> register
> for classes. The requirement was mandated back in the 2008 as part of the 
> Higher
> Education Opportunity Act, but only took effect this year.
> "
> Proponents say the law will give students more time to take advantage of 
> textbook
> buy-back programs, book rentals and prices that are often lower online 
> than in college
> bookstores. They expect it will also force professors to pay more 
> attention to the
> cost of books they assign.
> "Until this year, many schools didn't give the book list until the week 
> before classes,
> and you really had no choice but to head to the college bookstore," says 
> Christine
> Frietchen, editor in chief of ConsumerSearch.com.
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