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Hey Maurice,
Either you are way behind or way ahead of your self as version 9.1 was just 
released and we heard about it at National.
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> Hello, I continue that I recently health University of Northern Colorado 
> finish the certification of blackboard 94 leaves of myself and other blind 
> students on our campus. I use Jaws for Windows, window eyes, and in my 
> graduate program in educational technology I use the Mac quite heavily. 
> I've had absolutely no major problems using blackboard either in the 
> evaluation phase of blackboard nine order in actual for real coursework. I 
> also have other disabilities that I have to accommodate while using 
> blackboard and would be happy to answer some questions on the other two. I 
> have a written expression disorder a.k.a. I use a cousin of Dragon 
> NaturallySpeaking called MacSpeech Dictate in order to write this message. 
> Half of the significant hearing last sol I use braille as well. As far as 
> technical specifications go. My blackboard tests and certifying blackboard 
> nine were done on an HP Pavilion desktop PC running Windows 7 professional 
> 64-bit so vast I use the 64-bit version of Jaws, and the 64-bit version of 
> window eyes. I also tested this with the 32-bit version of Windows on both 
> a MacBook and iMac specifications the virtual machine which was also 
> running Windows 7 was configured with approximately 2 GB of RAM and two 
> processor cores. The host machines MacBook 2.4 GHz processor for gig of 
> RAM running Mac OSx 10.6.4 with VM Ware fusion 3.2. Jaws version 11 32-bit 
> window eyes version 7.2 32-bit note the 64-bit versions of both of these 
> two screenwriters were used on the HP Pavilion desktop machine running at 
> 2.66 GHz core two dual +2 a.k.a. four processors. Continuing with the 
> Apple specifications iMac running at 2.66 GHz core two duo hard drive on 
> the MacBook 250 GB the iMac 1 TB. I also further tested this by using a 
> Gateway network, and unfortunately the results were not nearly as positive 
> when using them that book so I do have some concerns with the net book 
> when running either jobs or window eyes and using blackboard however due 
> to the rearing variety of net books and their configurations I would 
> simply say work with the student and/or students to attempt to resolve the 
> issues is that, MacSpeech Dictate a.k.a. Dragon is what it would be in the 
> PC world I only use blackboard and the dictation software while using the 
> Apple Mac operating system and Safari so I don't have any feedback on how 
> well the dictation might work in Windows. It's hard to dictation goes 
> blackboard was tested again with both the iMac and the MacBook both 
> machines had MacOS X 10.6.4, MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 acts if you have any 
> further questions comments or concerns please send me e-mail at my student 
> e-mail address listed below, if you need to talk to me via phone please 
> feel free to give me a call at 970-352-1833 I hope this helps you out you 
> do have my permission to use my comments as you see fit. I do have however 
> asked that if you do use my comments in case I am asked about them could 
> you please kindly provided me a copy of those comments if it is 
> appropriate that you very much for reading this and have a great day.
> maurice amateur radio call sign,kd0iko.
> national Federation of the blind of Cole Rondo assisted newsline 
> coordinator, office phone 970.
> 373-3076 Northern Colorado amateur radio club tried Vander, newsletter 
> editor. University of Northern Colorado student e-mail address , 
> mine1533 at bears.unco.edu.
> note this message has been dictate by using MacSpeech dictate,  Some words 
> may be spelled incorrectl, may also be in the wrong context.
> Please forgive any errors in the text of this communication.
> Thank you very much forreading this.
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