[nabs-l] {Disarmed} FW: A Big Step Forward for Accessible Phones, TV and Internet!

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this is wonderful news.

Corey Cook
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ccook01 at knology.net

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Subject: [nabs-l] {Disarmed} FW: A Big Step Forward for Accessible Phones,
TV and Internet!

Subject: A Big Step Forward for Accessible Phones, TV and Internet!

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Senate passes S. 3304 !!

 "21st Century Communications and Video Accessiblity Act of 2010"


Congratulations to the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology
(COAT) and AAPD's Jenifer Simpson for a job well done!

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They beat the telecom and electronic media industries with this historic
legislation that will...

*	Require captioned television programs to be captioned when delivered
over the Internet. 

*	Authorize the FCC to require 7 hours per week of TV video
description on the top 4 network channels and top 5 cable channels

*	Allocate up to $10 million per year for communications equipment
used by individuals who are deaf-blind. 

*	Require televised emergency information to be accessible to
individuals who are blind or have low vision. 

*	Require accessibility of advanced communications equipment and
services, such as text messaging and e-mail. 

*	Require access to Internet services that are built-in to mobile
telephone devices, like smart phones, if achievable. 

*	Require devices of any size to be capable of displaying closed
captioning, to deliver available video description, and to make emergency
information accessible. 

*	Require accessible user controls for televisions and set-top boxes,
and easy access to closed captioning and video description. 

*	And more!

S. 3304 now goes to the House of of Representatives where it is expected to
pass. If you have any questions regarding this legislation, contact Jenifer
Simpson at 202-457-0046.

About the Disability Vote Project
DVP works in a non-partisan manner to eliminate the barriers to voting and,
in close collaboration with coalition partners in states around the country,
to increase political participation for individuals with disabilities. DVP
aims to get people with disabilities registered to vote; strives to educate
them on how to get to their polling places and what their rights are at the
polling places; and works to make polling places accessible to voters with
all disabilities. 

About AAPD 
The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is the largest
national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United
States. It organizes the disability community to be a powerful force for
change - politically, economically, and socially - and recognizes the value
of working in broad coalitions to foster unity, leadership and impact.  AAPD
is dedicated to achieving total equality for and full participation of
people with disabilities in all aspects of society, recognizing that this is
the social justice issue of our time. 


James Dickson  <mailto:vote at aapd.com> 
Vice President for Organizing and Civic Engagement

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